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Advanced Certification Course in Laser Dentistry (Structured Training Program)


Lasers have been used in dentistry for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes for more than 30 years, and are an indispensable instrument in any modern dental surgery. The use of lasers enables new treatment methods to be employed and lasers can meaningfully supplement more traditional therapies.

The use of lasers is associated with minimal contact, reduced vibration and pain, as well as a reduction in bleeding, leading to a more comfortable overall experience for the patient and a cleaner, meticulous technique for the dental practitioner.

Lasers are highly versatile tools that can be successfully used in a wide range of applications in the treatment of mucous membranes, hard tooth structures and bones.

Additionally, the specific properties of lasers allow the development of radically new treatments and surgical techniques, and improvements in treatment success rates have been observed when lasers are applied.

Modern facilities and increased customer satisfaction help ensure the long-term financial success of any dental practice and, for these reasons, one should not miss the opportunity to expand and improve your range of treatments.

The course will focus on the advancement of professional knowledge and skills in the field of laser dentistry. Our aim will be to enable dental practitioners to safely practice laser dentistry in their daily routine.

The participants will achieve the certificate of course completion with globally accepted internationally accredited CPD hours recognizes worldwide as certified Laser Dentist and nationally accredited CME hours from PALD.

Lasers are primarily used in the following fields:

    • Diagnosis: Caries detection
    • Cariology: Caries removal, cavity preparation
    • Endodontics: Reduction of germs in root canal dentine
    • Implantology: Implant exposure, peri-implantitis therapy
    • Surgery: Soft tissue and bone surgery
    • Periodontology: Cleaning of the hard tissue surface and periodontal pockets
    • Cosmetic treatments: Bleaching
    • Photobiomulation & Pain Therapy: Low Level Laser Therapy

Mission and Vision

Purpose of training
To provide 6 months clinical guided training and assessment of students in Laser Dentistry to produce trainers who are proficient in the contemporary skills of all the domains of Laser dentistry and are competent to carry out individual research and continuing professional development. Furthermore, the participants will gain practical knowledge about facial aesthetics including PRP therapies, Fillers, Botox and Mesotherapy/ Micro-needling etc.

Content of Learning

Aims of Training

The candidate should acquire and become proficient in the skills required for Laser dentistry practice with an emphasis on multidisciplinary treatment planning, disease prevention and provision of advanced laser dentistry techniques for those clinical cases meriting specialist care. The candidate should demonstrate attitudes necessary for the achievement of high standards of Laser dentistry practice both in relation to the oral health needs of the population and to his/her own personal development.

Programmes of Study

Today, the use of lasers in dentistry has become a sought after new standard, part of daily clinical practice. The Certification course by Pakistan Academy of Laser dentistry is a 6 months career-accompanying clinical specialisation course in selected wavelengths in laser dentistry. The course addresses practicing and approbated dental professionals choosing to increase their knowledge to be highly qualified specialists in laser supported therapies in dentistry, and be abreast with the latest and most advanced technology in dentistry.

Principle Wavelengths

The following wavelengths are taught:


Er, Cr: YSGG and Er: YAG Lasers


Diode Lasers




C02 Lasers

Learning Outcomes

On completion of training, the student will be able to achieve following aptitudes Learning outcomes

By the end of the course the participants should:

    • Have improved their evidence-based core knowledge in laser use in dentistry and refined your practical skills
    • Have an understanding of laser physics, emission modes, and how different laser wavelengths interact with various target tissues in order to deliver the optimal outcome
    • Have an understating of the advantages of laser applications in dentistry in comparison to the conventional methods
    • Be familiar with the applications of different laser wavelengths in dentistry
    • Have an appreciation of the relative importance of evidence-based practice in laser dentistry
    • Have an understanding of the health and safety regulations in using laser in your daily practice

Course Structure

The course will be divided into 3 modules requiring 3 days each of attendance over a period of 6 months and one additional module of facial aesthetics requiring 3 days will be provided for the interested candidates

Structure, Teaching and Assessment

The course will comprise of lectures, interactive sessions and hands-on training sessions.

The candidates need to sit a multiple-choice examination at the end of course, comprising of 75 questions. The pass mark will be 70%.

Who this course is for?

The candidate must be a registered dental practitioner, dental specialist or registrar in training to attend this course.

The candidate needs to hold an approved dental qualification.

Some experience of using lasers in clinical dentistry is desirable. However, this isn’t necessary in order for them to benefit from this enhanced level of university-endorsed education.

Graduation Ceremony

After successful completion of the course, participants receive a Certificate/Diploma from PALD. University identifying them as a dental laser specialist, as well as an additional Laser Safety Officer certificate.

Further Study Options

Following completion of course, the candidates may register for the American Board of Laser Surgery examination to achieve the ‘DIPLOMATE in Laser Surgery’.

World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD)
World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD)
American Accreditation Association
The American Association of Continuing Medical Education