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Advanced Course in Laser

& Aesthetic Dentistry

This Advanced course in Laser Dentistry by PALD is designed to deliver up-to-date and evidence-based knowledge of laser dentistry for Dental professionals.

The course comprises 3 modules of laser dentistry and 4th module with the choice of facial aesthetics or aesthetic dentistry with live patient hands-on.

The course will enable the participants to successfully incorporate dental lasers into their clinical practice and broaden the scope of treatment modalities.

The participants will achieve the certificate of course completion with globally accepted internationally accredited CPD hours recognizes worldwide as certified Laser Dentist and nationally accredited CME hours.

Following the completion of the course, the candidates may register for the American Board of Laser Surgery examination to achieve the “Diplomate American Board of Laser Surgery”.

The course comprises 3 modules of laser dentistry and 4th module with the choice of facial aesthetics or aesthetic dentistry with live patient hands-on.


Module 1

1. History of dental lasers
2. Laser physics

    • How do lasers work?
    • Principles of laser-tissue interaction
    • Difference between Hard and Soft tissue Lasers
    • Laser wavelengths in dentistry: an overview of their applications and laser-tissue interaction
    • Difference between contact and Non-Contact mode?
    • Difference between CW mode and Pulse mode?
    • How to use Lasers without charring?
    • Difference between 15W and 5 W Lasers?
    • Maximum Power required in Dental Procedures
    • Anatomic considerations in Laser Dentistry

3. Dental Lasers Parameters and Calculations
4. Integration of lasers into dental practice – clinical and marketing aspects
5. Dental laser Safety (including the 6. Laser Safety Officer certification)

Live patient Hands-on (Laser tooth whitening/ Laser Gum De-pigmentation/Lip De-pigmentation)

Module 2

(MCQ exam – 50 MCQS with passing 75%)

1. Er: YAG and Er, Cr: YSGG Lasers

    • Theoretical background, clinical indications
    • Biophysical background (absorption and transmission in various types of tissue)
    • Laser interaction with dental caries, enamel, dentine, cementum
    • Laser interaction with alveolar bone
      Laser in aesthetic dentistry

2. Lasers in Pediatric Dentistry

    • How laser aids in the psychological approach of a child, towards dental treatment?
    • How laser can be used in diagnostic and preventive procedures?
    • How to execute painless pulpectomy and pulpotomy without the use of injections
      Can laser be used on neonates?
    • How to enhance fluoride application with laser?
    • How laser can be used to enhance speech in a pedo patient?
    • How to achieve a painless exposure of teeth to assist eruption?
    • The differences between restorative procedures in adult and pedodontics teeth
    • Power settings for pedodontic laser procedures

3. Light Assisted Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

    • What are Laser parameters for different types of soft tissue conditions?
    • Merits and Demerits of Conventional techniques versus Lasers.
    • Which diameter of tips can be used in dental practice?
    • Activated versus Non-Activated tips for periodontal procedures.
    • Laser interactions with different tissue Bio-types
    • In what cases can you avoid using local anesthesia?
    • In what cases should you not use laser without a physician’s consent?
    • Effect of Chromophores on treatment outcome
    • What is the difference between chromophores and photosensitizing agents?
    • Laser as bacterial decontamination
    • Pocket Disinfection without damage to tooth and adjacent hard tissues
    • Sequence of healing and post-operative instructions
    • Antibiotics interference with the healing sequence of laser-treated tissue
    • How to control thermal damage?

4. Lasers in Surgical Periodontics

    • Gingival soft tissue surgeries that can be done using Laser.

5. Regenerative Laser Periodontal Therapy
6. Lasers in orthodontics

    • What wavelength of lasers helps in the fast movement of teeth in orthodontic treatments?
    • Can orthodontic brackets be reused if treated with laser?


Live Patient and Hands-On session (Laser-assisted periodontal therapy, Laser-assisted Endodontics, and much more)

Module 3

(MCQ exam – Clinical case and treatment planning examination with passing 75%)

1. Lasers in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry

    • Can Lasers be used for Cavity Prep?
    • How to give Laser Anesthesia
      How to diagnose caries with Laser?
    • Can Laser be used in selective ablation of carious lesions?
    • How to prevent microleakage while restoring the laser cavity?
    • What are the protocols for laser-assisted canal obturations?
    • Can Laser-assisted periapical surgeries be done without a flap?
    • How to treat cervical abrasion with laser?

2. Diode Lasers in Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and Low-level Laser Therapy(LLLT)

    • Theoretical background
    • Clinical indications of PDT and LLLT
    • What is the difference between PDT and LLLT?
    • Is there any difference between Photobiomodulation and LLLT?
    • Communication and application of suitable indications
    • Laser Pain therapy
    • Laser wavelengths and consideration of optimal power parameters relative to absorption phenomena in oral soft tissue
    • How effective Lasers are Neuralgic Pain?
    • Laser efficacy in Joint pain and arthritis?

3. Lasers in Implant Dentistry

    • Role of lasers in 1st stage of Implant surgery
    • Role of Lasers in 2nd stage of Implant surgery
    • Can Lasers treat Peri-implant mucositis?
    • What is the role of laser-assisted therapy in the management of peri-implantitis?

4. Lasers in Major and Minor oral Surgeries

    • What is Laser Biopsy?
    • How Lasers can be used in the excision of Oral Tumors?
    • Can Lasers help in Obstructive Sleep Apnea?
    • Effect of Lasers on mucosal lesions and conditions (white and red lesions) like lichen planus etc.
    • The unmatched efficacy of Lasers in Hemangioma and Vascular Malformations.

5. Lasers in fixed prosthetic and Cosmetic Reconstruction

    • The precision and predictability of lasers in aesthetic zones
    • How lasers are most effective in smile makeover, digital smile designs
    • Gingival Roadmap
    • From Dull and discolored to pearly white teeth in 30min- Laser Power Bleaching
    • Laser whitening systems versus Conventional Whitening systems
    • Gum De-pigmentation and Lip De-pigmentation with lasers
    • How to perform Aesthetic and functional crown lengthening with lasers?
    • How to create Gingival Zeniths with diode lasers
    • Laser-Assisted Gingivectomies, osseous-crown lengthening using diode lasers
    • Gingival Troughing with diode lasers
    • Laser-Assisted Vestibuloplasty Making accurate impressions with Lasers
    • How Gummy-smile can be treated with Lasers?

Live Patient and Hands-On session (Surgical techniques on Goat Heads, Biopsy Techniques, Gingivectomies and Gingivoplasties, TMJ pain Therapy)

Module 4

1. Facial Aesthetics:

    • Applied Anatomy and Physiology
    • Botox course
    • Dermal fillers course
    • Mesotherapy

2. Aesthetic Dentistry:

    • Smile Makeover and Digital Analysis and Design
        • Facial Proportions & Smile Analysis
        • Golden Proportions & their significance in Smile Design
        • Photography for Digital Analysis & Design
        • Digital Analysis & Design using basic software like PowerPoint & Keynote
        • Creating a custom digital smile template for a Smile Design case
        • Lab Communication to achieve mock-ups as per digitally generated template.
        • Patient communication to improve conversions
        • Applying Digital Analysis to Smile Makeovers using both
          Direct as well as Indirect modalities
        • Digital Analysis & Design applied as a tool for interdisciplinary dentistry like orthodontics, prosthodontics & implantology
        • Planning Gummy Smile corrections & creating templates for the same using Digital Analysis & Design
        • Role of Digital Analysis & Design in day to day restorative dentistry
      • Full Mouth Rehabilitation:
        • Facebow transfer techniques on fully adjustable articulator (Denar D5A)
        • Articulation

Course Director

Dr. Waqas Javied Malik

International Course Director

Dr. Jihad Zeituni

International Faculty

Dr. Muhammed Saleem Alhabeel


Dr. Wasif Altaf


Dr. Mohsin Kamal


Dr. Quratul-Ain Zafar


Dr. Faiza Saeed

Dr. Faiza Saeed

Invited Speaker

Prof. Dr. Arshad Malik


World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD)
World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD)
American Accreditation Association
The American Association of Continuing Medical Education